Graft vs. Host Disease Skin Relief

This disease occurs when particular types of white blood cells (T cells) in the donated stem cells or bone marrow attack your own body cells.

You may or may not have side effects  due to Graft vs Host after stem cell  or bone marrow transplantation. The more you understand and prepare for these, the easier your journey will be.

Radiaura Dermocosmetics is your partner for any skin-related side effects. These could include:


Dry skin

Flaky, peeling skin

Itchy skin

Darkening or redness

Changes in skin texture

Sun sensitivity

Hair loss

Graft vs. Host Disease Skin Relief REGIMEN

  1. Wash skin with Gentle Cream Cleanser
  2. Apply a thin layer of Brightening Serum
  3. Apply Calendula Soothing Cream
  4. Apply Silicone Skin Gel to areas of the skin that need extra protection from dryness
  5. Apply Daily Defense Sunscreen to protect skin
  6. Apply Lip Recovery Mask before bedtime
  7. Apply Hand Mask to hands and feet

For hair loss and thinning use Hair Growth Support Serum. For lashes and brows loss use Lash & Brow Support Serum.

Between each step allow skin/product to fully dry before applying the next product.